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August 2nd: Chakra 101 Workshop 2:00 PM-EST

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What is a Psychic Energy Medium?

 A Psychic that works directly with the energy/chakra system within, while working with a client the Psychic can also connect with passed over loved ones, spirit guides and see past lives that might be causing blockage in this life time. Empowers others by assisting them in connecting them too their own energy system, bringing clarity and focus to your intentions.


What is a Chakra?

There are 7 main chakras within each of us. The Chakras are our energy system within. When we connect with our chakras, it gives us more focus and clarity to our goals and questions. Each Chakra has a color, and meaning.


Chakras and their meanings~~

Crown Chakra-Magenta color-Spirits will, Wisdom,Openness

3RD Eye-Purple color-Visions,Knowledge,Thought

Throat Chakra-Blue color-Speech,Expression,Communication

Heart Chakra-Green color-Love,Acceptance,Allowance

SolorPlex Chakra-Yellow color-Intuition,Sense of Self,Ego,Will

Sacral Chakra-Orange color-Our Sensations,Drive,Shadow Self

Root Chakra-Red color-Passion,Vitality,Survival


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